How Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can transform your life

Who am I?

I bet you have asked yourself that question more than once! Maybe even thousands of times.

What is the answer you come up with? Where do you even begin looking for an answer?

We very well know by now that 5% of our mind is conscious and 95% subconscious. Why is that relevant? Well, because it means that while the 5% is looking for answers, wanting to define itself, understand life and make sense of the world, the 95% is running the show uninterrupted.

It also means that who we think we are is only true 5% of the time, the 5% we are aware of our thoughts, patterns and behaviours. If we define ourselves as kind, generous, patient, loving, with strong values, and we can monitor and justify that 5% of the time when we are aware, could it be that for the 95% of the time that we are not aware, we are something different from that? So, who are we the other 95% of the time and how do we find out?

Well, to be able to answer those questions we need to access the subconscious, the 95% of the mind. That means, become aware of the subconscious. And how to do that?


Myths about Hypnosis

To start with, it is unfortunate that the word “hypnosis” is used for commercial purposes and other approaches of therapy where the individual loses control and is not aware of what is happening to them.

Hypnosis is used to describe people turning into chickens on stage or the media controlling the people, yet as a method of therapy it has proven to be one of the most powerful and efficient modalities for over a century now.

What if hypnosis is the way out of the illusion that we are not enough, yet there is so much prejudice because it is being misused? What if we apply its principles as they were meant to instead of avoiding it and never taking a closer look at ourselves? What if hypnotherapy is the way to awaken?

You must love the irony here as hypnosis comes from the Greek word ύπνος meaning sleep. How can “sleep” lead to awakening? But I am sure those of you who are aware of meditation can relate. How can being still be the answer to all this moving around? And to clarify, in hypnosis the individual is not asleep. It’s a sleep of the nervous system, the conscious mind, the ego.

Interesting right?

So, what is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state where we can have a conversation with the subconscious and access the patterns, stories, and distorted perceptions of reality that we adopted or created at a very early age. Why would we do that, wouldn’t it be easier if we did not carry all those limitations and narratives in the first place? It would, but we had no choice.

However, why is that?

How limitations and traumas register in our subconscious

Up to the age of 7 years old children have no critical mind and as a result they take everything in without question. This could mean that traumatic experiences (abuse, violence) but also a simple “No” from a parent or kids making fun of each other can result in the child forming beliefs such us:

 “I am not enough

Love is not available to me”

I do not belong”

“I will never have what I want”

“Others can be successful but not me”

“I am not important”

“Nobody cares for me”

“I do not have what it takes”

“I need to be a certain way to be accepted”

You might be wondering how can a simple “No” from a parent, lead to a person struggling with relationships, self-worth, and finances, as an adult. (e.g. “No, you can only buy one thing”, “No, you need to go to bed, it’s late”, “No, you can’t have ice-cream instead of your veggies”, “No, you can’t drink beer like your dad, you are too small”)

I mean, it is obvious why violence, negligence, abandonment, abuse, and unhealthy environments lead to distorted perceptions of reality and limitations, but can parenting also has that result? How can that be possible?

Well, as mentioned earlier, as children we do not have filters and are not able to question things. We are great observers but the worst interpreters.

Therefore, a child can understand “No, you need to buy only one thing” as “I don’t love you enough to give you more” or “What you get will always be limited”. Also a “No, you need to go to bed, it’s late” could lead to “They don’t want to spend time with me”, and these are all true stories.

And sometimes it’s not even a “No”. Sometimes it is as simple as “I am sorry you fell and got hurt, do you want a cookie?” leading to “emotional eating” or “sugar addiction” because food and sugar are now linked to events they felt loved.

Other times, it is just by watching the adults in their lives they subconsciously adopt patterns, such as “I want to be just like my dad, and he always smokes” or “my uncle is big, strong and successful and he always drinks, if I drink I can be like that too”.

The story in the subconscious mind is stronger that what we are intellectually aware. Examples are “I feel love when I have sugar vs sugar will make me diabetic”, or “I feel big and strong when I drink vs I am an alcoholic”, or “we used to smoke with my dad and now that he died I feel close to him when I smoke vs smoking kills”.

The need we satisfy from the destructive behaviour is embedded in us. And until we visit this part, see it for what it is (I want to be loved, I want to feel big and strong, I want to feel important, etc), and finally as adults now decide to meet these needs in a healthier way, the patterns will continue to run uninterrupted.

The irony is that they get to dictate our lives: how we show up in, how we connect with others, and how we are living a life full of limitations that is not even our making.

Yet we have the choice to either allow our traumas and limitations to define us or expand our awareness. And the difference is deep inner work and the courage to look within and decide what we want to hold on to and what to let go.

And all that in a simple, fast, safe and efficient way that allows us to break free from all that, and start creating our lives based on our dreams and who we truly are.

RTT as the solution

Hypnotherapy and especially the method known as RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy allows individuals to access their subconscious, while being fully alert and in full control of what is happening and what they are sharing with the practitioner.

At the same time they are able to have an honest conversation with the biggest part of themselves allowing them to see why things are the way they are, why they show up in life the way they do, and why they feel and behave they way they do.

RTT is a way to expand one’s awareness. Dive deep and right to the root. So what is RTT and why is it such a groundbreaking method?

RTT® stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy®, a new and exciting, multi-award-winning therapy created by Marisa Peer (no 1 therapist in the UK amongst other awards).

Why is it so effective?

RTT has been found to be extremely effective in identifying false/limiting beliefs and traumas registered in the subconscious mind because it uses hypnosis to access the very root of how they were formed and accepted at a very early age in the first place. Hypnosis means the sleep of the conscious mind (the defenses, the ego, the protective personality, the fears), and the access to the subconscious mind (where everything is stored), which can only respond truthfully to the questions of the Practitioner.

During an RTT session the individual is fully aware, has full control of what they are sharing, remembers everything once the session is completed, has the opportunity to eliminate the “limiting beliefs” and replace them with the truth: they *ARE ENOUGH* just the way they are and Love is Available to them.

We all know and accept that we are spiritual beings, but as part of our human experience, we need to align with our mind. That is if we want to live a full life instead of our mind being in survival mode, in fear, defined by limitations, disconnected from and misaligned with spirit/ purpose and keeping us from living the life we were destined to live.

What are some of the issues RTT can help with?

RTT can address issues such as stress, self-esteem, confidence, relationships, depression, addictions, phobias, fears, anxiety, eating disorders, health issues, insomnia, etc.

It has been found to have excellent results in just a few sessions compared to months and years of talk therapy. More specifically, hypnotherapy has a proven success rate of 98% after 6 sessions compared to 72% after 22 sessions of CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and 38% success rate after 600 sessions of psychoanalysis.

Hypnotherapy can do in a few sessions what months and years of other modalities of talk therapy can do because it works with the subconscious and the root of the problem and it is not about discussing the problem itself with the obstacles of the ego (fear, shame, limited awareness, defense mechanisms, etc).

How RTT Sessions work

Hypnotherapy is a commitment. A commitment of the individual that they are ready to explore their patterns and stories, they are ready to take accountability for the 95% by making it conscious and expanding their awareness and most importantly, a decision to let what is holding them behind even if it is “comfortable” or serving a purpose. It takes courage and perseverance, and with the skills of a professional and the right support, it can be an inspiring and a fulfilling journey. 

RTT sessions are usually much more expensive than a session of talk-therapy since it takes advanced skill to navigate someone to the answers they are looking for while in the subconscious and since in a few sessions people get much greater results than they would get in months or years of talk therapy.

An opportunity to try RTT!

There is a way for people to experience hypnosis, see first-hand how safe it is, and that they have control. To experience regression to the early years, see the root of their stories and issues, and finally letting them go.

The way is group events and workshops of hypnotherapy on different themes, “I am not enough”, “Self-confidence”, “Money blocks”, “Stress”, “Self-Love”, and many more. 

Such events allow the public to get a taste of what an actual session of hypnotherapy would be like, while at the same time giving people the opportunity for powerful transformation.

Whether attending an event of group hypnosis or signing up for a free consultation, take the opportunity to do something by exploring this path even if it feels unfamiliar. At the end of the day, the only thing you would wish you had done more would be to show up with more courage in life and seek answers sooner, because the sooner you do that, the more years ahead of being your true self and creating the life you love.

About Xenia

Xenia has always been intrigued but how things work. She loves to study and research because not only she enjoys learning but is drawn to figuring things out. A huge fan of hypnotherapy, and even though she was also prejudiced by the media had immense breakthroughs once she experienced it so much that she decided to sign up for RTT and learn all about hypnotherapy and the mind. It was not until mid-way of her studies that she realised she can do this professionally, after seeing astonishing results in her fellow classmates while they were practicing. Women would leave their abusive relationships, people would overcome drinking and quit smoking, individuals who suffered years with depression would start to come out of, people-pleasers would stand their ground and feel secure in their skin, and so many more.

Ever since, the rest is history. Xenia has taken this as a full-time mission to help people to break free from their stories that are causing their suffering because she knows first hand that it doesn’t have to take years and people don’t need to go through it alone. She is devoted to making a change in this world by giving people the opportunity of dissolving their limitations and their traumas and finally choosing their stories and creating the life they love.

*If you would like to learn more and would love to get on a call with her get in touch (website form or FB) for your free consultation session.


Xenia Economidou, Certified RTT Practitioner


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