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Living your Design with Julia Krakova

Mind, Body & Spirit Cyprus proudly introduces this opportunity to learn yourself with a new experience, all in the intimate enviroment of the cosy R-Place in Fasoula, Limassol.

Living Your Design with Julia Krakova
A Human Design Level 1 Training, Exclusively limited to 12 people

Living Your Design: a Human Design Journey is not just a course, it is a Cellular Transformation Journey.

Surrender to this process and give it a chance to sprout in you, your whole genetic memory system will be transformed, showing you what is Your True Potential BEYOND what the mind thinks of it.

It is an exquisite experiment that can gradually show unseen potentials of your life. Human Design reveals the knowledge of your nature and gives a feeling of satisfaction and peace within.

New emotional, physical, mental and even genetic possibilities open up that gradually change relationships, health, career and other aspects of life.

This course will be especially relevant for any kinds of entrepreneursfreelancers and healers.

It’s not just a course – it’s a process where you are Living it, for real! It’s only your responsibility if you can TRULY get the knowledge, and from our side – you will receive the best quality education, involving in-between-classes recommendations, and more!

And – it is an IHDS certification course!

This diploma will allow you to continue education in Rave ABC course and further on.



Human design is not a system to believe in. It is not a philosophy or religion. It is the science of differentiation.
Human Design explains how and in what way we are all so diverse! This journey provides not only knowledge and information, but PRACTICAL tools and a real experience of living your Essence, and those around you, as a natural phenomenon!
So, for whom is this course?

For Partnerships
As you understand the difference between you and your partners, romantic and business, you will interact with them clearly and naturally, and give & receive what both you naturally need, honouring the boundaries of each other.

For Parents
You will start interacting with your children on a different level, see them for who they are, become their friend, enjoy parenthood, have trustful and understanding communication.

For Coaches & Psychologists
You will work with your clients based on their individuality. They may hear you and your guidance in a more profound way. You will be able to build trust in everyone’s soul, because you will understand how to treat each client according to their nature.
For Artists & Creators
You will keep peace and harmony in your soul. It is more efficient to build processes, knowing the features of your potential. Find motivation and purpose in your own way.
For Entrepreneurs
You will organize your time and work more efficiently. It will be easier for you to set goals and achieve them. You will make better decisions, not relying on external authorities, and rather on your own.

The Essence of Human Being, rules of Maya game, and introduction to Human Design.
First Module is all about laying out the foundation for the journey, meeting each other, sharing the intention, and overview – the language of the Human Design system. main definitions, importance of keynoting.

 The Energy Centers

Second Module is all about Energy Centers. They will open the whole world of inner differentiation, and allow you to start observing yourself and others from the perspective of the

The Authorities

One of the main topics in HD practice. How to connect to Your unique Way of listening and trusting Yourself?
Depending on the group, we will dive into the ways of knowing the inner truth based on the unique anatomy and psychology.


First thing you ask others when you discover HD: “What’s your Type?” It is one of the fundamental differentiating aspects in the System, and we will go deeply into each of the present Types.

The Training will take Place in 3 parts:

1st Part on the Weekend of 7th & 8th of December 2024, at the R-Space in Fasoula.

2nd Part Thursday, 12th of December, as an on-line class *

3rd Part in early January, online Q&A *

*Recording will be given in case someone is unable to watch 


Earlybird €300 (until the 31st of July 2024)

€350 (1st of August onwards)


  • Extra classes. You will receive bonus classes on different topics, depending on the interest.
  • Human Design meditations. Type Meditations, Center meditation, and probably more.
  • Community space. We will create a space (most likely in Telegram) that can serve us as a shared space to keep connected and exchange during and after the course.
  • Buddy work. You will have someone close to you, so you can do homework together and connect for strengthening your experiment with Human Design practice.
What You Receive:
  • Around 10 hours of direct transmission classes.
  • Both video and audio recordings.
  • PDF downloads of the class material.
  • Additional materials – books, recordings, HD meditations and more.
  • Opportunities to journal and reflect on your own experience in written format – PlayBook included.
  • Certificate upon completion of the course that allows you to continue official Human Design system education.
  • Additional guidance, group communication and support are available in the course chat throughout the course for Q&A and connection.
  • Group study in form of buddy work for better digestion of the material.


  • Deeply feel your nature and understand your purpose
  • Deal with fears and doubts in a new way, as their nature will be clear for you
  • Learn how to realize your talents and to succeed if it’s right for you
  • Understand what drives you and other people
  • Be able to make the correct decisions for yourself
  • Never again waste your precious time and energy on activities and people that are not for you
  • Thoroughly understand your inner world
  • Become more focused and efficient in life
𝐓𝐨 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐭
Send us an email at info@mbscyprus.com with the subject "Human Design Workshop"

About Julia Krakova
Since her first Reading received in 2012, Julia gradually begun to delve into this knowledge. She was taught by many teachers of the first wave, and accomplished studies in America, Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

The first diploma of the guide in 2017, followed by quite a few more (you can see them below), and still continues to expand in the knowledge of this multidimensional system. Currently graduating from Business Engineering BG5 Program, and in the process of Differentiation Degree Program.
She teaches HD at the Ministry of Education of Israel (training school teachers), organizes the International HD Rave Marathon with world teachers, and organizes live retreats of Nisarg, the first world Reflector teacher.
She offers Readings in 4 languages (Russian, English, Hebrew, Slovak), has conducted over a thousand Readings, around 25 streams of the “Living Your Design” course, and other HD courses.

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