Vision and Mission of the MBS

The vision of the MBS is to increase consciousness and awareness on the island of Cyprus. We have created a hotspot, a gathering point for new spiritual ideas, energy healing, transformation techniques, yoga, and more. We also encourage healthy and environmentally friendly ways of eating and living. At the MBS these ideas and experiences come together under one roof, in simplicity for any individual embarking on a spiritual journey, or seeking a more conscious way of living.

The mission of the MBS is to make available on a national scale, abundant information about metaphysics and to introduce many professionals in each expertise. While attending the MBS festivals, you get to hear presentations, speak directly to each facilitator and even experience demos or mini sessions. Our mission is to continuously educate visitors, keeping up with new trends in spirituality, healthy and conscious living, and generally anything that has to do with the improvement of mind, body and spirit in the most natural and organic way.

In the past, professionals in metaphysics such as energy healers, transformational teachers, yoga teachers, massage practitioners, healthy and organic stores and new age stores where isolated in the Cyprus market. The MBS, in its 15 years of exhibitions, has contributed by providing a regular and steady platform for connecting these professionals with a larger audience, whilst promoting their ideas, gifts and products.

We create a win-win situation where consciousness and spirituality expand on this island.

Last but not least, the MBS is a festival and we plan to keep it that way!

We bring together healers and teachers from Cyprus and all over the world, to spread their secrets and knowledge. In recent years, music has had a special place at our festivals, not only for entertainments but for it’s well-know healing power, inspiration and elevation of spirit! At the MBS, sounds from all over the world come together. Visitors have the opportunity to be enchanted by the sounds of the most unique instruments such as the hangdrum, gong bathing, African djembe, Didgeridoo, singing bowls and many more. Other creative experiences include dancing, spiritual art, crystals & jewellery, and enjoying healthy organic food cooked on site.

Kids are always welcome at the MBS, with activities specially tailored to their needs such as
kids yoga, healthy cooking, dancing with capoeira rhythms and teaching kids mindful meditation from a young age.

Join us on the 17th & 18th March 2018 for a unique experience of presentations and seminars, yoga workshops, music, dance, play, and enjoy the surprises that the weekend brings.