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Celebrating the New Woman – Beyond the Goddess

14 Jul 2024 - 27 Jul 2024

Celebrating the New Woman – Beyond the Goddess
– Retreat and Training –


The time for love is in our hands, let’s celebrate now:

 “The Return of the Goddess is a journey from attachment to love.”

 Would you like to: – love and be loved? – receive and surrender? – love and be free? Are you ready to feel, understand, and let go of “The need to be needed?”


We invite you to be part of our School of Goddesses, taking a journey back to yourself, come to dissolve the imprints of the past – discover your inner source of energy – dissolve in your essence: orgasmic, creative, mystique. – awaken your potential – contribute to the creation of a more conscious era – and “just” honor what you already are: a loving, powerful, fun goddess a unique, simple wonderful flower.


We will use many different meditations, therapy devices, and healing methods:
• Transomatic Dialogue Therapy
• Family Constellation Therapy
• Hypnosis for Relaxation/Trances
• Sexual Deconditioning
• Womb and Heart Healing
• Women’s Tantric Meditations
• Nature & 5 Elements Rituals
• Psychodrama – Dance – Theater
• Osho Active Meditations
• Sufi – Tao and Zen Meditations
• Body oriented Psychology
• Regression and Progression Therapy
• Intention and Purpose Rituals
• Alchemy of the Heart
• Inner Wonder Golden Child Discovery
• Inner Men/Inner Woman Exploration
• Ying/ Yang Balancing and Harmonizing
• Resourcing through the Body
• Grounding and Centering techniques.
• Hatha Yoga Practices and Yoga Nidra
• TAO Healing Practices and Yoni egg
• Sea – Sun – Sand – Moon rejuvenation Baths.
• Goddess rituals at the ancient Healing site Amfiario
• Journaling – Painting – Voicing
• Lots of Dancing and Women’s Circles Sharings
• Energy Healing and Dreamwork/ Drumming
• Nature Nurturing and free time to just be/contain/integrate


The goal is to heal and overcome fears surrounding vulnerability, sensitivity, and beauty, as well as societal labels like “witch” or “whore.” This includes dispelling fear of our own inner capacity for love and intimacy with men, which historically led to male dominance. A liberation movement is underway to empower women and redefine these dynamics.


A woman‘s circle is a sacred and playful space where women can empower each other to flower in their uniqueness and encourage the birth of the new woman. You will also learn how to offer a woman-to-woman open session related specifically to women’s issues. We support you in bringing forward your feminine gifts and creating your unique way of guiding a woman’s work-play (workshop). You will have the opportunity to learn how to explore and bring balance to the male and female energies to find integration and space beyond both and just relax into being.


In this 14-day retreat, you are offered a time to enjoy the beautiful nature and energy of Greece, nurture the body, open the heart, reconnect to our essential qualities and connect with women from all over the world, in meditation and celebration, and be transformed from a girl into a woman, from a woman into a flower.

Each flower will have the opportunity to learn and practice on how to create and guide a circle where your role as a guide is more like a midwife encouraging the birth of the (“goddess”) – the new woman – in each one.


In the women’s circles, the elders share from the space of gained wisdom in the school of life. It is an opportunity to demonstrate to the younger ones that growing old in the body is not a curse, but a GIFT.


We, the elders, have an opportunity to water the seed of each participant in the circle and ignite a fire. Women in our mature age have been released from biological bondage and are gifted with an amazing amount of energy, free from biology and a woman who has lived her love life, her orgasmic joy grows in love, becomes mature, stays young in her heart and surrenders to the vulnerability of being a woman seed. In the courage of vulnerability, receiving and letting go with grace, planting the seed of trust.



Accommodation Options:

Single room: €3599
• Energy Exchange in 3 Parts
– 10% non-refundable deposit: €359
– Tuition and certification by June 1st: €1730
– Accommodation upon arrival: €1510

Shared room: €3099
• Energy Exchange in 3 Parts
– 10% non-refundable deposit: €309
– Tuition and ceftification by June 1st: €1728
– Accommodation upon arrival: €1062

The price covers 14 nights in a gorgeous villa, fully reserved for the group’s enjoyment and privacy. It also includes 3 meals per day, the cost of the tuition, the props we will use during the ceremonies and the transportation to and from Athens Airport. The price does not include the cost of the flights to and from Athens, visas, any additional day trips.

Room availability is limited so we will give out the rooms based on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in booking your spot from now we will require a 10% non-refundable deposit confirmation.

Amfiario Villa is a luxurious property located in the mountains of a beautiful village called Kalamos, near Athens. It enjoys breathtaking views of the sea and mountains, which stretch all the way over to Evoia Island and bay. Half a kilometre from the villa is an ancient archaeological site, which is 2,300 years old and one of the first places in the world designed specifically to heal the body and soul. An absolute must see and only really known by locals – the best kept secret.


If you feel the call, get in contact with the organizer of this event:

Alexandra Dinu

Phone/Whatsapp: +35797611510

Email: alexandra.dinu3@gmail.com


Facilitator: Deva Ambu

Senior Psychologist ( U.C.L Louvain- Belgique) International Facilitator., Mediator, Dancer, Gardner, Peregrine. Living and working at Osho International Meditation Resort in Poona/ India, for 47 years, participating in what Osho calls: “an experiment to provoke God”, contributing to the Goddess movement & empowering woman with courses and trainings all around the world.
She is the Executive Director of ” The Osho Institute for Women’s Liberation” and has been offering since many years Women’s Retreats & Trainings plus individual sessions at the Osho Multiversity and around the world.
She has been trained in Yoga, dance, mime and corporal expression in Paris where she lived and worked for 5 years before going to India in 77.
She also facilitates Osho Meditative Therapies: Osho Mystic Rose, Osho Born-Again, Osho No-Mind, and Osho Talking to the BodyMind, as well as courses for Body-Love, Chakra – Play, Meditation Retreats, Beyond Karma Intensives, Past Life Therapy, Beyond Family Constellation, Transomatic Dialog Therapy, Tao – Healing and Tantra -Zen.





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July 14 @ 07:30
July 27 @ 21:00
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Private: Amfiario Villa
Athens, Greece
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Alexandra Dinu

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