Uncovering Emotional Healing: A Comprehensive Overview of EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping is a holistic approach to emotional healing that combines the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern psychology. It is a transformative modality to address common life & emotional challenges such as stress, anxiety, and trauma while providing a powerful tool for navigating life transitions. Introduction: Exploring EFT Tapping EFT

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Mahashivaratri: The Festival That Keeps Thousands Of Yogis Up All Night

Mahashivratri is one of the largest and most significant among the sacred festivals of India. For any spiritual seeker, staying awake on this night is enormously beneficial for one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. Sadhguru, Yogi, visionary and renowned speaker, explains what makes this night so important, and how we can make use of it. Sadhguru:

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Full Moon Continuum

Tonight’s full moon will max in the early hours of tomorrow morning.  Following on from the extraordinary Lion’s gate peak experience on Monday, we can almost ask what else is there, yet there is always more and the full moon will accentuate our previous experience, which continues to manifest as it’s a very creative time and necessary to

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Super Full Moon – Guru Purnima

We have a super full moon tonight, the 2nd of 3, and the energy has been building for a few days. it’s extra special because in the Vedic tradition it’s Guru Purnima, celebrated in India and in yoga centers around the world, as a day to honour your guru, or teachers or those who have

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