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Group Hypnosis on “I AM NOT ENOUGH” based on the RTT by Marisa Peer

11 Feb 2023

Online event of group hypnosis based on the RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy developed by Marisa Peer with the theme of “I AM NOT ENOUGH”


The numbers of depression, addiction, and people being emotionally challenged are going crazy right now and there is a way out! Hypnotherapy is a fast, safe and effective approach with long-lasting results because it works directly with the subconscious (the 95% of the mind) and the root of the problem without the defences and blocks of the ego (i.e. conscious mind 5%).

Just imagine this: we form our personalities by the age of 7 and until that age the parts of the mind that are responsible for critical thinking are not developed yet, which means that we take everything in with no filter or the ability to question what’s happening. As a result and by definition a distorted interpretation is given by us as children, which we adopt as traumas and limitations that end up dictating our perception of reality, how we show up, relate to others and experience Life.

It’s not until the 95% of the mind is visited for the individual to become aware and evaluate these to finally be able to decide to let go and start defining their own values, beliefs, and what they consider true in the first place instead of living a Life as a result of everything absorbed in early years from their parents, school, extended family, society, and whatever was happening at the time.

What if Hypnosis is the way to awaken? To let go of everything that is not us and finally get some answers?
Join us for a discussion and a group RTT session on “I AM not enough”, which is known to be one of the deepest roots of our fears and insecurities.

Location: Zoom – link to be shared with participants upon payment.

Cost: €37

Payment Link


T: 99 318 145

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