PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

Cyprus Villages - Agrotourism Holidays 3 Mersinies str. Tochni, Larnaka

PSYCH-K® is a stunningly simple method of transforming limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs at the subconscious level. Moreover, with this method you can remove stress from your body down to the cellular level. Paula van der Werff, certified PSYCH-K® instructor, typically organises one to two PSYCH-K® workshops on Cyprus a year. During the workshop you will

Self-Confidence: An RTT Group Hypnosis Experience

Do you ever feel that you don't have what it takes? That what you want is bigger than you and maybe "there is no point in even trying"? Yet we see people make it all the time! People who start from nothing, with no resources nor support. How do they do it? And if they

Σεμινάριο Theta Healing Basic στη Λευκωσία

3ήμερο σεμινάριο Theta Healing Παρασκευή 31 Μάρτη και Σαββατο και Κυριακή 1 και 2 Απριλίου Ώρες: Παρασκευή 18:30 - 21:30 και Σαββατοκυρίακο: 10:00 - 17:30 Πληροφορίες: 96764120 ----------------------------------------- Το Theta Healing είναι μια νέα εξαιρετική τεχνική που επιτρέπει την άμεση σωματική και συναισθηματική μεταμόρφωση και θεραπεία. ➡Τα Εγκεφαλικά κύματα Θήτα -απ’ όπου προέρχεται ο όρος

AKASHA Empowerment and Healing System

Journalist Village, Pervolia, Larnaca. Makarios Avenue 9 Perivolia, Larnaca

Certification Training-Initiation AKASHA Empowerment and Healing System with Jack Makani & Svetlana Charkovskaya. The winds of change sweep the Earth these years. By taking training within the Akasha Empowerment and Healing System, you will get all the spiritual connection, necessary knowledge and methods to take advantage of the new time. You can’t get the real benefit

The MBS Wellbeing Day

St. Raphael Resort & Marina 52 Amathus Avenue, Pyrgos, Limassol

After three successful Outdoor Wellbeing Day events, we are so excited to invite you all to the 4th annual MBS Wellbeing Day which you all loved so much with some additional exciting indoor classes too! The MBS Wellbeing Day is coming on Sunday, 11th of June 2023, from 10:00 to 20:00 at St. Raphael Resort in Limassol.

The Mind, Body & Spirit Wellbeing Festival

St. Raphael Resort & Marina 52 Amathus Avenue, Pyrgos, Limassol

The MBS Wellbeing Festival is moved this year to December, to create a safe space for us all through the workshops, lectures, and classes to take a deep dive into our authentic selves and connect to our deepest desires. Join us on this first-time festive Mind, Body and Spirt event on the 2nd & 3rd of

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