Discover your Soul’s Energetic Blueprint with Human Design and Gene Keys

Have you ever asked yourself what I came here to do?

This is the very first step towards the personal awakening. Human Design and Gene Keys are excellent practical tools to decondition yourself and get to the core essence of who you are.

It is a code of applying in your daily life, making decisions, and having clarity about what and how you think and feel.

“In the moment that you can truly embrace Uniqueness you are Divine”*

*Ra Uru Hu – Human Design System’s founder and messenger.

So, what are Human Design System and Gene Keys?

Human Design System was founded by Alan Robert Krakower, also known as “Ra Uru Hu” in 1992. and it’s a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences from Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum physics. At its core, human design is for self-awareness and growth, and it consists of different parts but together it creates your unique genetic blueprint and each of these parts talks about your unique essence.

On the other hand, Gene Keys is the most recent evolution of this transmission, and it talks about the evolution within the themes.  

An interesting fact, the “Gene Keys” came along with a scientific discovery in the field of “Epigenetics” which has proved that our DNA is not fixed and pre-programmed as we used to believe. Of course, we have certain combinations of birth, but they realized that the upbringing of the person, the environment, the food that they eat, their emotional estate as well as the emotional estate of the people around them influence the DNA.

“The Gene Keys were evolved as a new programming language that not only guide you through a transformation of your unconscious core beliefs, but also anchor this into your living DNA as you apply its insights to your daily life.”*

*Richard Rudd – Founder of Gene Keys Synthesis.

I am a certified Human Design coach and Gene Keys mentor, carrying this body of knowledge to help my clients be able to build a life, business, habits that match their energy types, de-condition themselves and integrate this knowledge into their daily life.

Where you can find your body-graph chart?

Two main things you should focus on are:

  1. Your Energy Type
  2. Strategy & Authority

You can pull your body graph from

All you need to do is to put your birth information as accurate as possible.

Now you have full access to your unique Body-Graph.

How human design and Gene Keys can help you?

These systems can be so diverse, as it is an extremely layered body of knowledge. But ultimately it is for self-development and essentially, it is to learn how to navigate your life with more ease and flow and when you learn how to do this, you will experience way less resistance, less exhaustion, and less stress and you understand who you are and what you came to this world to do.

You can identify the core sources of conditioning and how more likely you are programmed to make decisions, as all of us have the desire to prove our worth and get approval from other people. This is the way all of us are conditioned to the society, our family members, and our environment.

I dare to say that Human Design & Gene Keys are one of the most useful and practical self-awareness tools because it helps you to get to the core essence of who you are and peel back all those layers.  Helping you to be more intentional with your deconditioning process.

How the Human design chart is built

Your Body-graph is a map of how your energy works.

There are going to be parts that are consistent, and other parts that are inconsistent and will change depending on who you are around.

So, by having a look at your chart, anything that is colored in is called “Definition”. Meaning that these parts are inherited with a consistent flow of energy. These energies are where you have access to them at all times.

Any other un-colored spaces are where you are going to be most impacted by those around you. Because those areas act as magnets on the people that you are drawn to their energy.

The ultimate goal is to get crystal clear on who you are apart from external influences so you can make decisions that are best for you personally instead of getting influenced by everyone else’s opinion of what you should be doing. 

How do Human Design Analysis & Gene Keys mentorship sessions with me work?

This will be a de-conditioning journey for you.

I will assist and guide you on how to pull out the practical application of this knowledge from day one.

At first you may resonate with some attributes of your chart and deeply identify your life experiences with them.

However, some other attributes of your chart might sound unfamiliar to you. This is due to the fact that all of us are conditioned and programmed by our society, our surroundings, and the environment that we were raised in. So, let’s call those “False-Self” attributes.

My advice is to go through this transformative journey with me with an open heart and mind, then experiment it in your daily life, listen to what the centers, the authority, and your type have to say, and then make your own conclusion. Try it out in your life and see what happens, see how your life transforms, how you feel, and what new things are coming into your life from using this knowledge.

Misconceptions around Human Design & Gene Keys

Human Design & Gene Keys are not here to put you in boxes, nor are here to limit your potential.

Despite our intellect, this method works when we open our hearts and minds simultaneously.

So, integration is a living field! It is not a dry intellectual goal! You can’t get there by thinking alone. It takes understanding of the full being. So, this is how I’d like to describe the journey into the matrix of Human Design and Gene Keys.

Human design can trap you through its knowledge, through logic, patterns, and through details. And you can become obsessed with all those tools and numbers.

And the Gene keys on the other hand can trap you to the other side! Through sentiment, emotional yearning, and fantasy, and promise of the light, rather than self-discipline, and devotion, that is actually needed to ignite the light!

So, both approaches have their pitfalls, but both also complement each other quite well!

The work for me is how to present these tools in a way the user is not overwhelmed or confused by the weight of information.

So, remember this. To arrive at an integrated view, you need to transcend your intellect and your emotions.

It is a living system. These two systems are part of the same transmission, that is continuously growing, and glowing. But the key is how you approach it. You have to allow and enable this transformative energy to fall into place. Trust this opportunity to fully understand yourself and be sure that I will be there to support and guide you in every step of this journey.

Be gentle with yourself, accept your uniqueness, and the message will come through.

About Negar

Negar is a Human Design Guide and Intuitive Reader helping you to understand your unique energetic blueprint through analyzing your “Body-Graph” so that you can feel empowered as your authentic self, master your unique energy, and learn how to call in your true self and fulfil your purpose with more ease and flow.

Negar – Negar Saboohi

+357 99283175

Instagram: @negar.tarot.journey


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