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Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Betty Papadopoulou in Cyprus

22 Aug 2022 - 28 Aug 2022

In Yin yoga we hold the poses for a longer time than usual, cultivating the qualities of compassionate acceptance and non-attachment, to awaken the more yin part of ourselves.
As a result, the practice turns into a powerful meditative journey and it is also one of the most effective forms of exercise in terms of body elasticity/plasticity and joint health.

Offer yourself a unique experience for a Yoga Teacher Training combined with holidays at the small and picturesque village of Tochni, which is tucked away in the hills of Cyprus, only 10 minutes away from a beautiful beach.

➝ How does Yin relate to “energy”? How can it strengthen it, make it more distinct?
➝ How can it help us to get in touch with our true nature, or “our original medicine” and also help us bring harmony between our yin and yang nature?
➝ How do we learn to listen to stories, our own but also of “nature”? What could we do with stories we no longer need?

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We will share experiences and answers to the above questions, and understand how Yin with its ancient yogic roots, can affect our physical, energetic and emotional body.
We will explore ways to lead a Yin class, incorporate Yin postures, attitudes and philosophy into any practice, and be able to hold sacred & safe space for a Yin class as well as a “sacred” Yin ceremony.
We will also share many beautiful/playful sacred practices & rituals, to open our hearts, broaden our consciousness and enhance our experience as yoga teachers.
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– Practices of Love and Kindness, Practices of Self-growth: “Yin and Spiritual medicine”.
Yin & Spiritual Medicine, is inspired by psychology, counseling, Chi Qong, mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy & shamanism. It also includes singing and dancing rituals. It aims to expand our experience as human beings, yoga teachers (those who also have this role) and approach our “nature” and Life with an open and clear heart.
– The Yin practice of non-striving and how it influences our lives and our teaching.
– The movement of Qi or Prana in the body, and how it can be affected by Yin practice.
– Understanding Fascia – Theory and Techniques – Trauma & Yin Yoga
– Yin Yoga Anatomy
• Body movement: mechanism and limitations
• Anatomy and the understanding of our own natural pattern (li).
– Meridian theory and application.
– Yin Yoga and the five elements – Theory and practices.
– Understanding the postures and sequencing a Yin class.
– What does it mean to hold a safe, sacred space for a Yin practice.
– The qualities of authenticity, acceptance and empathy and how they can transform the way we relate to other people and also ourselves.


?.?? – ?.??: Morning chanting / Different morning practices / Vinyasa Flow Yoga
?.?? – ??.??: Breakfast
??.?? – ??.??: Yin Yoga TTC
??.?? – ??.??: Lunch/ Pool/ Beach/ Siesta/Acro Yoga at the beach/nature walks
??.?? – ??.??: Yin Yoga TTC
??.??: Dinner
??.?? – ??.??: Kirtan/ Dance therapy/ Yin yoga/ Chi kong

➝ The Training will start on the 22nd of August at 16:00 and finish on the 28th of August at 15:00.
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➝ You do not need to be a yoga teacher to participate in this training. Just come with a clear heart and an open mind!

For 6 months after the end of the Yin Yoga Training Module 1, you will have full support from me and the group.
Meetings through an internet platform will be arranged, Yin Yoga classes, time for questions, and feedback from me will be available, free of charge.
There will be time for you to establish yourself as a student and a teacher, gain more knowledge, and be supported and empowered until you feel comfortable enough to continue your journey.


About Betty Papadopoulou

Betty was a high school teacher for 12 years, teaching economy, social and political science. She began her studies at Tai Chi in 2001, and continued with a series of trainings in Thai Yoga Massage, Osteothai, Abdominal Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, in Greece and all around the world.
She started her studies in Yoga in 2004.
She is a Vipassana meditator since 2008.
She teaches: i) the Yin Yoga TTC Module 1 ” The sacred Ceremony”, ii) The Yin Yoga TTC “Yin Yoga & the 5 Elements”, iii) she is hosting her teacher Biff Mithoefer in his Yin Yoga TTC Modules 2 & Module 3 and iv) the Thai Massage Training ” Yin & Spiritual Medicine”.
Betty has been studying to become a Psychotherapist ( Person-centered Therapy) and has done numerous seminars with the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco and other studies on psychology. She has been also studying Dance Therapy, Tai Chi, therapeutic Chi Qong, Vinyana – End of life Care.
She is inspired by the Buddhist and Taoist teachings, which she explores and experiences through meditation and Chi Qong. She is also inspired by Chinese medicine and the Philosophy of the indigenous tribes of the African and American traditions.
In her seminars, she uses her voice, guitar, and harmonium to connect us with the pure sound of the heart.


The training will take place at the beautiful and traditional Tochni Village.
Tochni Village is centrally located – only 7km from the beach so is perfect for a blend of relaxation by the pool in between classes or heading further out to explore during time off or on an allocated excursion day. It is a small and picturesque village which lies between Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol.
Set on the slopes of two hills, its stone-built houses line the narrow streets that wind their way to the beautiful church of Constantinos and Eleni.
– For any questions about the training, please contact Betty at beinmetta@yahoo.gr and +306977626096
– For any questions about the venue, how to get there and any other detail, please contact Panita at pkarayianni@gmail.com and +35799741036

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August 22, 2022 @ 16:00
August 28, 2022 @ 15:00
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Cyprus Villages – Agrotourism Holidays
3 Mersinies str. Tochni
Larnaka, 7740 Cyprus
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