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Self-Confidence: An RTT Group Hypnosis Experience

30 Mar 2023

Do you ever feel that you don’t have what it takes? That what you want is bigger than you and maybe “there is no point in even trying”?

Yet we see people make it all the time! People who start from nothing, with no resources nor support. How do they do it? And if they can, why can’t you?

We all have heard that what we think controls how we feel and determines how we behave, respond and act, which in turn determines the results we are getting and therefore the Life we are having. What if our thoughts and how we perceive the world in general, ourselves and others is a result of a false interpretation that we gave to a situation or an event in the very early years of our lives? What if it’s just a misconception?

Well, as we are conscious only 5% of the time (as we know the mind is 5% conscious and 95% subconscious) then is it not worth accessing the 95% so as to understand what is happening and have lasting change? What does that mean? If we start talking about our issues based on what we know we will access the 5% plus have fear, insecurities, defence mechanisms and ego blocking the process. How do we access the 95% of our mind? With Hypnosis!

Through hypnotherapy (RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy) we use regression to the early years when we first started to adopt distorted perception of reality and destructive patterns from our environment. The subconscious is not controlled by ego and thus accessing it we can have the most honest conversation with ourselves. It responds with images and can only respond with what the individual is able to handle at the moment and nothing more, nothing less. That is why a series of sessions are usually required for a specific issue (3-4 sessions) because every time we go even deeper and are able to handle more.

The benefits of hypnotherapy include accessing the root of the problem, working without the ego blocking the process and getting the results in just a few sessions compared to months or years of talk-therapy.

Group hypnosis events are a great opportunity to experience hypnosis, see how you respond, how you feel, what comes up. With RTT, you are fully alert, have complete control, and you remember everything at the end, compared to other modalities of hypnotherapy where individuals have less control. The practitioner is merely here to guide you through it and ask the right questions while in hypnosis but at the end of the day, you are the one determining the experience.

When: March 30th 2023

Subject: Self-Confidence

Location: Zoom

Duration: 1.5hrs, 1 hour of group hypnosis and 30min of discussion and Q&A at the end

Cost: FREE

Text or WhatsApp (+357 99318145) or DM on FB (facebook.com/lifecoachingbyxenia) to sign-up and get the Zoom link. See you there!

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March 30, 2023
19:00 - 20:30
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Xenia Economidou
99 318 145
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