Marina Konstantinou

Marina Konstantinou

My name is Marina and I am a natural-born healer and psychic. My Energy Cleansings are on a deep level reaching a person's soul and removing negativity, traumas, bad entities and fears. After my Cleansings, the person feels free and moves with light and clarity in their own path.

In addition, from a young age, I understood that I was able to predict the future and I use tarot cards as my tool. I read the cards in an intuitive way getting specific messages and timeframes. My readings are detailed providing you with lots of information around your subject. My readings are also honest and I will tell you the truth that I see.

Furthermore, from a young age, I was able to connect with the energies of people that passed away and give you their messages. I connect with the energies of their soul using protections all through our session making sure that the energy of your loved one will come and leave in absolute light.

Lastly, in my services, I include a specific traditional spiritual technique of my country Cyprus. Cyprus has many years of history in spirituality and I use a traditional technique that removes the fears out of a person using burning salt. The reputation I gained throughout the years resulted to hundreds of sessions in my records and high-rated results. My biggest satisfaction is to help people to become a better version of their selves through my healing light and guidance and I will be happy to meet you!

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