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Wellness State – Christina Lefkati

Has life been a struggle for you? I am here to help you achieve a significant shift from being in a state of stress, anxiety, sadness and overwhelm to a more conscious and empowering place in your life, a place of wellness. Going through a difficult life situation, such as a break-up, a serious health condition diagnosis, or uncertainty over important areas in life can be difficult to manage alone.

Through working with me you can:

  • Release difficult emotions, past trauma and overwhelm
  • Attain happiness and peace through clarity, change of perspective and direction
  • Strengthen and re-energize your body-mind-spirit through balancing your needs with day to day demands and engaging in self-care practices
  • Regain your confidence by realizing your power and all that you can attain in the now

I am an empathetic and caring holistic practitioner & coach. As a sensitive person, I provide a safe and secure place for you to explore the opportunities and challenges you face, helping to build levels of awareness and self-acceptance. I have a lot of understanding of stress, anxiety, physical issues, autoimmune disease and trauma but I enjoy working with people in all areas of life and meeting you where you are.

Been there myself, I have succeeded in overcoming chronic depression and my own health challenges. Since then I have been interested in holistic healing and have been professionally trained and gained accreditations/certifications in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Re-imprinting, NLP, Hypnosis, Health & Wellness Coaching, Nutrition and other complementary therapies. I furthermore acquired knowledge in Energy Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and some forms of Energy Healing.

I believe that we all have the answers we are seeking within, yet sometimes we just need a little help accessing them so we can attain self-healing.

Your next steps:

Sen me a message in WhatsApp, email me or visit my website here https://www.wellnessstate.com/book-free-consultation/ , to book a complementary 20min consultation call. This call will allow time to discuss your needs, ask questions and determine whether we resonate with each other.

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