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Life Coaching by Xenia

Helping people understand the root of the issues they may be facing today (self-esteem, confidence, relationships, fear of rejection/ failure, anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, health issues) using RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy developed by Marisa Peer. Hypnotherapy helps people expand their awareness, overcome their issues from the root level in the subconscious, and has been found to have excellent and fast results in a few sessions compared to months or years of talk therapy.

Up to the age of 7 years old children have no critical mind, cannot question things or evaluate situations and as a result they take everything in as true and real. This could mean that traumatic experiences (abuse, violence) but also a simple "No" from a parent or kids making fun of each other can result in the child registering and believing something like "I am not enough", "Love is not available to me", "I do not belong", which then dictate their adult lives and are expressed in how they show up in the world (relationships, destructive behaviours, limited and/or distorted perception of the world).

And that's all true until, as adults now, they decide to visit their subconscious mind, evaluate the meaning of the situation, understand how it affects them today, decide to let go of that and replace it with healthy and meaningful truths and therefore completely change how they show up, how they perceive life, and how they relate to the world.

If thoughts define our perception of the world and therefore what we consider real, isn't it worth evaluating the validity of our thought patterns and change them to more beneficial and empowering meanings at the very root level? Are you just accepting yours and think they are true? 

We are either defined by traumas and limitations or by expanded awareness, and the difference is deep inner work.

The Truth is a session away!

Life Coaching by Xenia services:

  • 1-1 RTT Sessions
  • Life Coaching (have the support to create a new Life and show up with consistency once a change is made from your RTT sessions).

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