Viola Edward

Viola Edwards

Viola Edward is a Psychotherapist and Breathwork pioneer with over 25 years of experience. A leader with individual and corporate clients, Viola specialises in Professional Training in Breathwork Coaching, Stress Management, Feminine Energy, Addiction and Relationships. She is the co-founder of KAYANA International Breathwork and author of two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and “Who Makes the Bed?”


Viola has mentored thousands of people in 17 countries towards achieving their full potential using her practical methods to unlock their hidden possibilities. She speaks English, Spanish and Arabic.


Viola is a multi-award winner and on 12th of July 2018, the Academy of Universal Global Peace under the affiliation of the United Nations honoured her with a Doctorate Honoris Causa for her humanitarian work and leadership. The Ceremony was held at the University of Westminster in London.


Viola has been an immigrant many times in her life. She is Venezuelan with Middle-Eastern origins and travels internationally. In 2002, she moved to Cyprus for love and is now based on the island where she lives with her husband and business partner Michael De Glanville.


Layla Edward


Layla Edward was born in Iraq, raised in Lebanon, studied in the U.S.A. and lives most of the year in Venezuela.  Since the beginning of her life, she has always been a traveller.

Layla is a breathworker, psychotherapist, personal and business coach, rebirther and internal trainer, birth coach, dancer, NLP practitioner & acupuncturist who graduated in traditional Chinese medicine in Venezuela.

She is also specialized in neurotics and nutrition, creating exquisite recipes for cellular cleansing.

Through her work Layla helps expand human potential, creating conditions for her clients and students to develop their consciousness.

Practical experience has shown her that by integrating the past and living in the present moment an internal state of peace and self-satisfaction can be reached, which is fundamental in recuperating the capacity of joy!

Layla integrates her love for nature and her freedom of movement in all her activities.

She has earned the title “Master of Joy” from her students, teachers, friends and family.