‘TRUTH of NOW’ – The Healing Ceremony of Intuitive Music
by Mitsch Kohn & Netanel Goldberg


This intuitive ceremony is an invitation to engage with the flow of the moment and drift on that path into an inner journey. Netanel and Mitsch open a space for a deep inner connection and true expression for all there is. The participants will be guided by intuitive music, sounds and words into their inner world, and are invited to give space to all impulses that might occur.


Join us to feel once again this unique experience, in the next MBS Wellbeing Festival 

Saturday 9th November 2019, at Filoxenia Conference Centre, Nicosia

Price: €10 (including MBS Wellbeing Festival entrance)

In this sound-journey, a safe space is created that makes it easy to open the heart and feel the body, to be present with the hidden pain and sadness and to activate the self-healing-process. The sounds unfold intuitively into several waves guiding into different worlds, emotions and themes we all carry in us. Within the clearance and facing the inner truth, the connection to the higher dimensions will be opened. Relationships, general situations, potentials, visions and the purpose in life become more clear, and it will be much more easy to see and accept all the beauty and love we are… and embrace life fully.


Some words from the creators:
‘This ceremony of our unique path is a journey of accepting what life offers to us in the present moment. Within a place of surrender, we let words, music, stories, silence reveal themselves through us.
It´s an invitation to give attention and true expression to all that there is: feelings, thoughts, body, emptiness, voice, emotions, movement…
Being the journey offers a deeper understanding of who we are, our choices, patterns, actions. Within that place transformation happens into an awareness of the one we are, all beauty we are… embracing life fully“.





More about our artists:

Mitsch Kohn

The soundmystic Mitsch Kohn from Germany creates his music intuitively at the moment he is playing. His very unique piano-based sound healing-journeys open the hearts, guide into states of deep connection and can be realized as a journey into a higher consciousness. New perspectives might occur and the pacified heart will bath in silence.
Mitsch composes and produces music for films, plays concerts around the world and offers his special sound healing program “KLANG HEIL RAUM” in workshops and retreats. This extremely powerful program open spaces for a deep dive into the subconscious. There, in a state of no mind, people face their inner truth intuitively. They are able to reprogram their patterns, find back to the essence of their soul and experience a deep feeling of being home.
Website: www.mitschkohn.de


Netanel Goldberg

Vocal Artist Netanel Goldberg from Israel reflects live with his fully improvised singing, partly in English and Hebrew, partly in his own soul language. Grown up with classical music and singing prayers, he was surrounded by sounds a lot.
Netanel is touring in Israel, Europe and USA with concerts and singing-circles, produced the Rumi project “Come However You Are” and published two albums “River of Light” and “Pure Emotion”.
Website: www.netanelgoldberg.com