Super Full Moon – Guru Purnima

We have a super full moon tonight, the 2nd of 3, and the energy has been building for a few days. it’s extra special because in the Vedic tradition it’s Guru Purnima, celebrated in India and in yoga centers around the world, as a day to honour your guru, or teachers or those who have assisted you on your spiritual path. So there will be a great sense of interconnectedness between those on the higher realms and those who are here, sharing the divine knowledge that is relevant and available to all. I feel so grateful to have been a part of this lineage for so many years. 

It’s a time to tune into the light, to cleanse and purify, and to know that what you are seeking is also seeking you. As has been said when the student is ready, the teacher appears. We are all lifelong students and teachers too, passing on the knowledge that we have integrated.  So on the eve of this spectacular full moon, fill yourself up, and shine your light brightly and with an open heart, send your  light out into the world for those in need to receive. 

Be conscious of how and where you spend your energy, and move away from discord or what no longer resonates with you. This Guru Purnima full moon will awaken you to deeper levels of yourself and bring you more into alignment with your destiny, if you ready and come from a peaceful, harmonious way of being. Offer your gratitude to the heavens and to all those who have assisted you on your path and all the gifts you have received.

Full moon blessings, love, light and magic Maggie Erotokritou


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