Full Moon Continuum

Tonight’s full moon will max in the early hours of tomorrow morning.  Following on from the extraordinary Lion’s gate peak experience on Monday, we can almost ask what else is there, yet there is always more and the full moon will accentuate our previous experience, which continues to manifest as it’s a very creative time and necessary to

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Super Full Moon – Guru Purnima

We have a super full moon tonight, the 2nd of 3, and the energy has been building for a few days. it’s extra special because in the Vedic tradition it’s Guru Purnima, celebrated in India and in yoga centers around the world, as a day to honour your guru, or teachers or those who have

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Alice in Thailand!

Mind, Body & Spirit Cyprus is always striving in offering the best possible quality services for the greatest benefit of the mind, body and spirit in every and each one of us. Having always in mind the everyday needs that present day people have, the MBS Cyprus offers unique moments of escape from routine by

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Breathtaking Kerala!

MBS Travel Team By Christa Christides As the plane lands we are overwhelmed with excitement, curiosity for the unknown and anticipation to explore this beautiful paradise we have heard so much about. The sound of music from a nearby temple fills the air, and we know that we have arrived. We are at ‘God’s Own

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My Guru Yogacharya P. Unniraman

My Guru Yogacharya P. Unniraman By Marilena Angelides “Yoga is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow” Swami Satyananda Saraswathi In 2013 through my search for inspirational yoga in a quest for my mind body & spirit rejuvenation my path met with the

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