November: Blood Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow’s total full moon lunar eclipse will finally bring the intense energies to a climax, amplifying everything that needs to be seen, which is necessary to assist a karmic cleansing on a deeper level to clear out the old, and sometimes that means turning things upside down. When the light shines brightly, everything is noticed, there is no going back now, only forwards, so don’t bring the old baggage along that no longer serves you, at some point, you will have to let go of any attachments to the past, to what has come and gone, in order to free yourself and step out onto a new part of the journey and hold hands with your innermost truth and embrace that which has been beckoning you for so long. For when you hear the call, you need to respond and your soul will guide you forward to exactly where you need to be, knowing that nothing is by chance. 

So set your intentions consciously during this full moon and remain steadfast on what you want to achieve, don’t let go of your dreams, and have the strength and courage to keep moving forwards. Eclipses stir things up, so there may be some confusion, but then as the skies clear and the clouds move on, clarity will come again, so trust the process and let go of any fear, which doesn’t belong in the higher octave of living and being, which we are moving into. We are in a time of great transformational change where anything can happen, it’s unpredictable but also a very creative time. Look for the silver lining, or maybe you have already seen it and pay attention to the signs or synchronicities that show up, they can be important milestones that light up your way and accelerate your growth. 

Stay grounded, clear and very present, full moon eclipses are very auspicious and can ignite new beginnings, new relationships and anything you have been dreaming about. 


Love, light and magic Maggie Erotokritou.


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