Mitsch Kohn


 The German soundmystic Mitsch Kohn creates his music completely intuitive at the moment he is playing. In his very unique piano-and voice-based sound-healing-journeys he explores new musical paradigms creating new age and minimal based meditative instant composing sessions,  an organic, of-the-moment musical expression.


 These sessions guide into states of deep connection and can be realized as an opening into a higher consciousness dimension. In his sound healing sessions, Mitsch opens spaces for a deep dive into the inner world, the subconscious. There, in a state of awake trance, participants face their inner truth and -guided by the music -start a process of reprogramming to finally explore the essence of their soul and the experience of being home in their body.



Gosia Anna Seredagosia


Since 2008 Gosia Anna Sereda accompanies people in their self-empowerment, gives tools for self-help and supports in the re-connection into their pure soul essence through healing treatments, soul readings & group readings.

Her clear channel, her sensitivity and the connection to the divine source is her gift to people. 

She reads the energy of people & their subconscious inner world, belief systems and their environment (workspace, family, partner etc.) She also provides information about health, tools to heal relationships and gives impulses for solutions from recurring (ancestral) patterns. Her main concern is to show & activate individual life purpose/potentials.