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Magic Wave

I am an astrohealing therapist for the past 10 years.

Astrohealing is a branch of astrology, where planets and chakras are connected and it includes vibrational remedies that are working with the energy of the chakras.

Natal chart is a soul map that is showing us where are our blockages and disbalances, because every planet rules certain chakra.

With these insights, I can approach each chakra and its disbalance with the vibrational essences (made for each chakra specifically). Meaning that very fast, person will feel and act better in their lives. Therefore, this approach is unique and deep, and it’s giving amazing and fast results in healing. My goal is to spread that knowledge and meet people with the benefits of astrology from a different, more aware and conscious approach. Of course also to show the benefits of using vibrational remedies. Both, planetary and wild earth animal essences are amazing in balancing any type of problem. Important to say, no animal is harm during the process of making Wild earth animal essences.

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