Awaken Potential

Mary McQueen is a transformational Mind & Body Coach from the Uk that is a personal mentor on suffering & the pressures of the modern-day living with dis-ease. How we feel about ourselves has an enormous impact on our physiology. The illness of body & mind is a response to today's culture. Anxiety is continuously rising at an alarming rate & so is autoimmune disease just to name a couple…In fact, our emotional state is affected from the time we are conceived in our mother's womb.

In your consultation, you will be shown with compassion the pathway to health & healing. If there is a disconnect from who we truly are we suffer mentally, spiritually & physically. True health & transformation is possible if you are willing to connect to your authentic self.

  • Normal 1:1 Coaching Fee is 95€
  • Mind & Body Promotional Deal 65€ - Valid till 31/3/2023
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