“The Language of the Soul”
Prayer Journey in Voice & Movement

with Anva Goldberg in ”Natural Movement” – Interactive Workshop
& Netanel Goldberg in Soul singing and Live Music – Concert ”River of Light”

The language of the Soul – Prayer in Voice & Movement, is a deep and empowering meeting in the connection of Body, Emotions, Creation and Oneness.
In this one-day soul journey, you will have the chance to experience ”Natural Movement” interactive Workshop, by Anva Goldberg and the ”River of Light”, Concert by Netanel Goldberg.




About ”Natural Movement” with Anva Goldberg 

In this interactive workshop, you will be given tools to experiment with the power of connection to the body and voice. This is an ultimate experience of exploration and of deep understanding of how these elements are integrated into the world in and around us.
Meet your Body with natural movement that comes from within
and connect to the earth and to your centre.
Explore & express Emotions through soul singing,
for the emotions that are beating in us are asking to be expressed. Soul singing has a tremendous ability of healing, we will fly free!
We will dive into the world of Creation through voice and dance,
directing the soul’s journey towards intention.
Being one with all we are, we will experience Oneness.
Movement, Voice, Breathing, Emotions, Life, all as One.


About “River Of Light” – Chanting Healing Ceremony with Netanel Goldberg

This is an invitation to a ceremony of healing and of creating a deeper connection with our heart, soul and with our unique life path on earth.
The ”River Of Light” is a journey of time above time.
A deep musical sound journey, improvising from what the universe is offering at any present moment and leads us back home to our intuition, to the pulse of our sacred soul.

Let the voice effortless express itself through us
with all our emotions
And with the voice as a Channel of the heart,
we will soul-sing together”.
– Netanel Goldberg

Workshop: 10:30 – 16:30
Concert: 19:30 – 22:00
Full day Workshop + Concert: 10:30 – 22:00

Workshop: €60
Concert: €30
Full day Workshop + Concert: €80 

Special MBS Prices
Only at the MBS Wellbeing Festival, Limassol, April 6th & 7th
Workshop: €50
Concert: €25
Full day Workshop + Concert: €70



About the Artists

Anva Goldberg
“I see the movement as a bridge that connects all the parts within me. When I dance with a deep connection, truly with myself, I become one with the movement of nature, one with the movement of being. It’s an invitation to dance whatever lives within us in the holy present moment. This is an invitation for a new listening to the living body, which expresses itself. This is a personal research of close communication with our moving body. It’s intimacy in motion. It’s self-love. And a powerful meeting with the other through the body. We will dance the connection between our inner life & external life – breathing, inhaling, exhaling. We will move our ancient, renewed connection that lives within us constantly. It’s an invitation to come back home to our natural, authentic rhythm of the heart. No experience needed, just the will of dancing your life. Come as you are.”
More about Anva: https://www.mbscyprus.com/anva-goldberg/


Netanel Goldberg
A vocal artist, composer, creator, writer, lover & a student of life.
Netanel is a countertenor vocal artist who leads sessions of prayer and healing circles in Israel, Europe, and the United States.
In addition to Hebrew and English, Netanel performs in new languages that he channels live, an improvisational reflection of life through music. In the past 2 years, Netanel joined the international guitarist “Estas tone” for tours in Europe and Russia.
He tours with the pianist “Mitsch Kohn” in Europe & Israel.
In addition to concerts, Netanel leads workshops & retreats, as well as ceremonies of life.
Website: www.netanelgoldberg.com



Meet our artists, Anva & Netanel Goldberg at The Mind, Body & Spirit Wellbeing Festival Limassol 2019 and get a taste of what’s coming on May 25th, at ”The Language of the Soul – Prayer Journey in Voice & Movement”, at R Place, Limassol.