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Khipu Alter Natives

The brand name
A “Khipu” was a method used by the Incas and other ancient Andean cultures to keep records and communicate information using string and knots, is an intricate system of knotted strings of various colors that store and convey information. “Khipu” literally translates to knot in Quechua and many ancient Andean cultures.

Our Initiative
As a fact, everything that surrounds us in our space influences our feelings and emotions.

At Khipu we are committed to curating an extensive collection of ethically sourced, alternative natural smudging products, hand-crafted creations, and ceremonial essentials that promote a lifestyle of living in harmony with each other and our Earth.

Khipu is dedicated to sharing the pure energy of “Naturaleza”, making people feel more familiar with their spiritual side and guiding them on how and when to use nature and its products in the best possible ways to prevent, heal and strengthen the mind and spirit to improve the quality of life.

Under our brand, you will find many products of our own production as well as products that we ethically import from minorities of suppliers from countries like Nepal, India, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, and Spain with the scope to promote “indigenous art” that represents to the native people an opportunity to preserve an integral livelihood and alternative to industries that threaten to undermine these communities.

The work of these artisans represents a connection to their ancestry that spans millenniums, with the power.

Khipu Alter Natives
Natural | Handmade | Holistic

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