ToN-shooting-MarijkeKodden01‘TRUTH of NOW’ – healing ceremony

with intuitive music by Mitsch Kohn & Netanel Goldberg

at the MBS Wellbeing Festival – 6th April 2019

by Afrodite Vassiliou


Hello, dear ones. We are very happy you are coming to Cyprus and we are looking forward to listening again to your music live at the upcoming MBS Wellbeing Festival in April.

Q: Tell us some words about your first steps in music.

M.K.: I studied music the traditional way and played in bands etc. for a long time. Even it was fun it always was a kind of stress.

N.G:  I grew up in a family of cantors and prayer leaders. At the age of 8 I stood at the synagogue prayer stand, leading songs from the sacred ritual. Through the years, music became an integral part of my body and soul. I began vocal improvisation as a youngster in in my parents’ home, sitting at the Sabbath table, Inventing exciting harmonies to ancient songs.

Q: How has this transformed today?

M.K.: In 2011 I had my initiation during a concert in Madrid… my (before separated) spiritual way and musical way became one! From that moment I knew the big difference between “improvised music” and “intuitive music”, the inner knowledge of opening and giving space to true expression of the moment was born in me.

N.G: 13 years ago, I began to develop spaces for alternative prayer, healing through song, chanting of the heart, ceremonies to connect deeper and higher to our being, heart & soul. What I am continuing on doing these days as well in Israel, Europe & the US.

Q: How can music let you express and what you feel you are giving out to the world through your music, what’s your ‘purpose’?

M.K.: Our purpose is to open a space to really dive into a place of inner truth. The music is a key, a tool that helps to let go thoughts and control. “Truth of now” is not about an artist and an audience, it is about exploring and creating something together.

N.G: Music has the frequency of connecting to our emotions. Every sound echoes differently in us. And if we let it go deeper, it will heal us. I feel I have the gift of connecting to our deep emotions and let them free. The emotions that we usually don’t want to deal with. But if we see it fully, and let it be within us – hug the sadness, give a hand to fear, sing out jealousy, and dance our joy it will rest in peace in us. My intention is to inspire people in living, feeling and expressing what exists in the beautiful, crazy moment. Living life fully open with what there is.

Q: How did you two meet? And how you ended up together, having collaborations in various countries and festivals?

M.K.: We met at the Sound & Silence Festival 2016. Netanel asked me if he can join my concert, and spontaneously without even know what he’s doing I said yes. :-)from that point we realized it could be a long term relationship.

N.G: We met at the S&S music festival in Corfu, Greece. I joined Mitsch’s intuitive music concert and the connection was really amazing. I felt I can really ‘fly’ with him and his music touched my soul. I feel we ‘create’ in the same frequencies, this is really unique.

Q: Why ‘Truth of Now’, what does this represent?

M.K.: We use to live in the past or in the future, and unfortunately very often not in the now. But “now” is the only moment that exists. Often our action is very much influenced by our belief systems, our old habits and all the things stored in the subconscious. The Truth of now offers a space to surrender to all that really exists in that one moment. Expressing through music allows us to let go all the learned habits of self-control easier.

N.G: Life is in the moment. It’s an invitation to absorb & ask ourselves: what lives within me now? Which Emotion wants to express itself? Be fully open and alive. From “NOW”, I can’t run away, the NOW – has chosen me.

Q: Tell us some words about your participation at the MBS Cyprus in April? Why should people come to your live concerts and workshops and to the Mind, Body & Spirit Wellbeing Festival in general?

M.K.:  Because there is no reason to not go there. Music and art is basic food for the soul, and events like those can even be life-changing. Through this kind of conscious work, we understand ourselves and the world better and find into a more happy life.


Thank you Mitsch, Thank you Netanel for sharing your feelings about music!


You are invited to a spiritual concert, ‘The Truth of Now’ by Netanel Goldberg & Mitsch Kohn at the upcoming MBS Wellbeing Festival at St Raphael Resort in Limassol, Cyprus in April 2018.

You are invited to meet, listen and join their workshops, experience sacred sounds, absorb their healing powers, embrace and accept emotions and start your own journey of reawakening and self-healing.

Meeting and listening to Mitsch & Netanel performing live in Corfu was a magnificent experience. We are sure you will love and embrace their presence and like them as much as we did!