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Healy - Quantum Frequency Device

Healy is a small, personal, wearable frequency device which helps to support us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Quantum physics has taken the atom and broken it down into the sub-atomic level: protons, neutrons and electrons which are all energy, therefore proving that our human perception of the world as just matter is false, and in fact everything is energy.

The Healy device reads us in our original blueprint and scans and identifies everything that we are holding onto that is not our soul’s essence and not in alignment. Then this device recommends frequency programmes that start to unwind what is not in harmony with our design. We then apply the frequency programmes via the device to start to shift those energies out of our physical body, bringing us back into whole balance, coherence and alignment.

At the Healy stand at MBS you will be able to explore and experience the Healy for yourself first hand, and connect with a growing community of likeminded humans, globally, that are bringing this incredible device into their homes and businesses.

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