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George Panayides

I am George and I’m interested in the Esotericism; Astrology; Metaphysics & Magick.

I use modern techniques via traditional ways, or the opposite, old techniques by modern ways. For ex. I had re-designed the Renessance reading style of charts. 

I had combined Astrology with Magic especially for exploring time (in metaphysics) time vetical, time as a human fabrication and mega-epochs. 

Eventually I had studied in many disciplines but my highlights and studies maininly focused in the following areas:  

  • Western Esotericism 
  • Alchemy; Religion; Quantum Physics; Theorems on time
  • Astrology, Qaballah, magic 
  • Minerals, stones, tinctures, perfumes, 
  • Oils, candles, roots, 
  • TarotCards, divination tools, hoodoo, herbology,


  • Horary readings experience
  • 3,000 Birth chart interpretation
  • More than 30 years of Quabalistic Cross technique workings 
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