The Five Elements
(Pancha Mahabhuta)


Join Konstantinos Karafoulidis for a 5h Hatha Yoga Workshops on Saturday, 2nd February at Pilates for Life (Anna Charalambous) in Limassol or on Sunday, 3rd February at Alice’s Fitness Studio in Nicosia


According to yoga tradition, all creation consists of and is governed by the five elements: Earth (Prithvi), Water (Apas), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Ether (Akasha).
The whole universe is constantly changing, because these elements coexist, interact mutually, support and even destroy one another in limitless combinations.

Earth represents the solid state of matter, declaring consistency and stability.
Water stands for fluidity, adaptability and change.
Fire is the power of transformation and the conversion of matter into energy.
Air provides motion and dynamics whereas Ether is the space filling substance that contains everything.

A human being is a miniature of the universe. These five elements are considered to be the fundamental components of each individual representing the subtlest aspects of our existence.

In this five-hour workshop we will attempt to approach these elements, that coexist within our bodies, through a yoga practice consisting of breathing techniques (Pranayama), neuro-muscular locks (Bandhas), poses (Asanas) and meditations aiming in bringing them into balance.





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