Mythic Yoga Flow – Kuan Shi Yin

/Mythic Yoga Flow – Kuan Shi Yin
Mythic Yoga Flow – Kuan Shi Yin

Mythic Yoga Flow – Kuan Shi Yin

PHOENIX - Sunday
14:00-15:20  |  Niko Geo  |  English 
W: www.hotyoga.gr  |  FB: Nikogeoyoga  |  T: +302106756770
Mythic Yoga Flow - Kuan Shi Yin     A soulful journey to ignite magic in your body, mind and heart with the stories and practices of yoga. Kuan Yin is a princess that hears the cries of those who suffer. With her hands she helps them, with her heart she touches their soul, with her compassion she brings peace and tranquillity to the world. She becomes the sacrifice to help us heal our wounds of body, mind and spirit until everyone in the world experiences only happiness, love and joy.
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