Moving at HOME <br>(Body Conditioning)

Moving at HOME
(Body Conditioning)

Olive Tree - Outdoors
10:00-11:20 | Natasa Georgiou | T: 99 383 379 | W: FB: 
Moving at HOME (Body Conditioning)
Moving at Home is a wellness practice aligning our mind, body, and spirit through breathing, body awareness, movement, and meditation. It is a unique holistic system that incorporates various exercises from different other wellness and fitness practices, and affirmation techniques. It is ideal for any age, any age, shape, ability, and stamina, for strengthening, toning, stretching, and for total uplift and well-being. It is designed to improve overall fitness and to shape the body.  
About Natasa
Natasa Georgiou is a dance consultant, mentor, researcher, choreographer, and modern theatre dance examiner, with more than thirty-four years of experience in the training, production, and promotion of modern, contemporary dance, creative movement, and Body Conditioning, in Cyprus and abroad. She is a graduate of Laine Theatre Arts of London, holds an MA in Choreography from Middlesex University, Fellow, and Modern Theatre Dance Examiner of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She designs somatic classes and workshops for well-being, that encourage creativity and thinking outside the box. During her professional career, she has worked with cancer patients, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis patients, and deaf children and developed special programs and workshops for some of these groups, in the various EU cultural programs she participated in as a coordinator. She is the creator of the innovative Moving at Home Creative Movement and Body Conditioning program for children and adults.
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