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Embody Your Magnetic Presence

Embody Your Magnetic Presence

ATRIUM C - Saturday
12:00-13:50  |  Jennifer Kumer & Bambos Demetriou  |   English  |  TABLE 3
W: www.bambosandjennifer.com  |  FB: @bambosandjennifer   E:hello@bambosandjennifer.com
Embody Your Magnetic Presence     Imagine feeling so aligned with your calling that people are drawn to you simply by your presence. Imagine feeling so magnetic and anchored in your own essence that others can't help but want whatever you have to offer. What if that was your natural state? What if you are already that and you simply have to allow yourself to remember? We invite you to experience what it's like to activate your highest vibration, to align with your genius like never before and to embody your authentic radiance.
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