Dialogue with Hormones <br>Yoga Class

Dialogue with Hormones
Yoga Class

Olive Tree
17:15-18:30 | Demetris Constantinou & Elena Gopchuk | English | T: 99190841 (Demetris), 99927405 (Elena)
Dialogue with Hormones
Demetris Constantinou -founder and teacher of “People’s Yoga Studio” and Elena Gopchuk -PhD, MD lifestyle medicine practitioner invite you to this workshop with the aim to give you theoretical & practical tips for coping with body-mind connected problems, hormonal, lifestyle-triggered disorders & help to keep developing healthy life & beautiful aging. Experiencing hormonal troubles? Sleep disorders? Living in stress? Burning out? Having nutrition/weight problems? Low libido? Psychological problems? Lack of physical activity or you just want to prevent all this, prevent early aging and stay healthy & strong? Then thisw workshop is for you!
Demetris Constantinou
BS, Critical Thinking, concentration in Gerontology. yoga practitioner with more then 20 years of experience and studying yoga systems under various teachers in USA (Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga) meditation and breathing techniques.
Elena Gopchuk
PhD, MD lifestyle medicine practitioner Cyprus representative in The European Lifestyle Medicine Association. Sextherapist, educator and healthcare consultant for more than 20 years.
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