Closer…<br>A Couples Dedicated Workshop

A Couples Dedicated Workshop

Olympic Room
18:30-19:50 | Coco Regina | T: 96790800 | FB: Coco Regina | IG: @cocoregina_shevolution
A workshop dedicated to couples who are curious about deepening their relationship. After attending this journey you will have a better understanding of Adult Attachment styles and how they can impact your relationships. You will also understand the importance of knowing each other's Love and Apology languages so you can navigate conflict with more ease. Besides theory, we will also practice couples' breath work and we'll probably do some games rooted in classical and neo-Tantra. We will close the journey with a q&a where you can ask anything related to Sexuality, Love, and Relationships. Attending a journey like this for the first time can stir up some unfamiliar feelings. Know that wherever you are on your journey of development you will be respected and celebrated! You participate as much as you feel comfortable with. You share as much as you feel comfortable with. For more info or questions feel free to contact Coco Regina on cocoregina_shevolution
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