Intro to the ArŌMa Yogis Program

/Intro to the ArŌMa Yogis Program
Intro to the ArŌMa Yogis Program

Intro to the ArŌMa Yogis Program

PHOENIX - Saturday
18:00-19:20  |  Karuna DiLibero  |  English 
W: karunadilibero.com  |  FB: @namastekaruna  
Intro to the ArŌMa Yogis Program     In this introductory course, integrate Ayurveda + ArŌMaTherapy in Yoga practice to support your individual needs. Experience 3 unique 20' Yoga sequences designed to pacify Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. Learn Ayur Mantra and Mudra. This course is open to instructors & all levels of students. It is the 1st module of the ArŌMa Yogis Program. There is the opportunity for further study with the continuance of this program via online courses with Karuna. 1.5 hr YA TTP CEU's available for this course!
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