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Empowered New You

At ENY, we are dedicated to crafting life-altering experiences & events that ignite personal growth, foster spiritual awakening, and nurture authentic connections. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to embark on transformative journeys. We have created a monthly membership where you join a community to access empowering social and spiritual events.

We have the following events coming up that you can gain exclusive access to.

– Ice Baths and Breathwork Experience
– Women’s Circle
– Women’s Empowerment Events
– Men’s Circle
– Exclusive Transformational Retreats
– Sunset Walks
– Art Therapy
– Vision Board and Visualization Workshop
– Breathwork and Holographic Sound Healing
– Voice Activation
– Run and Plunge by the Sea

We offer private 1:1 sessions, monthly workshops, corporate events and retreats across the world. Come and join our exclusive ENY Community.

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