Demetra Jiova 

Demetra’s 5D Miracles Method combines Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction.
Her teachings are deeply unique and radical, only a few other people around the world teach or work with similar ideas.
The method utilizes the TimeSpace continuum, the 11 Dimensions and addresses the fascinating question of: Do we have Infinite Versions of Ourselves already existing?
The answer is Yes, there are Infinite Versions/”Frames” of us already existing and by learning how exactly that is with the help of the method, one can consciously tune into them -like in the concept of radios and radio stations- and thus be, do, live and experience anything one wants.

“Life does not happen to us,
We happen to Life!”



Demetra was born in Stockholm, Sweden by Greek parents and from early on she displayed exceptional scientific, artistic and empathic abilities. She excelled in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and biochemistry, won a lot of scholarships and prizes and received her BSc in Chemistry/Biochemistry as the valedictorian. She attended Mt Sinai Medical Center in NYC with an honorary full scholarship in their Graduate program in Biomedical Sciences. She also studied Theater and Acting and became a very accomplished actress, model, producer and screenwriter in her homeland Greece, and all that before the age of 30.
But amongst all these accomplishments and success she realized that something crucial was missing from her life: She was not happy.


A whole new journey then began for her: she studied New Age Philosophy and many techniques and technologies, but still, she had crucial unanswered questions remaining and a burning desire to find their answers. That finally led her to download from the Infinite Matrix of Existence and combine in a very unique way Quantum Science, Spirituality and the Law of Attraction: The 5D MIRACLES METHOD – TECHNOLOGY. All her questions were then profoundly answered and her life was altered completely and drastically.


Demetra is now living between Los Angeles, USA and Athens, GR and through Private-Sessions, Seminars and Workshops, both online and in person, she is successfully altering other people’s lives as well, all around the globe.