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PSYCH-K® is the ultimate brain hack that works on transforming limiting beliefs into supportive ones at the subconscious level. It is also a powerful tool to transform fears. The process is so simple, powerful and gentle that no words can truly explain it. It needs to be experienced!

Most traditional methods move at the level of the conscious mind. An example: you know you are sensitive to criticism. A typical example from “old” psychology for dealing with this is, “when criticized, count to ten before answering. Excellent advice. With PSYCH-K® it works differently: You install the belief: “I can handle criticism well,” “I learn from criticism,” or “I enjoy the learning moments that criticism brings me,” and then someone criticises you. You will find that you can keep smiling kindly; you no longer feel affected. Criticism has lost its sting. You can take the learning moment and thank the other person for the valuable feedback. Also, for phobias, aversions and fears, like fear of heights or fear of flying, PSYCH-K® works wonderfully well.

Do you have limiting beliefs or fears about yourself, others, or the world you would like to transform? Please come by our stand # 47 and book a mini-session.

For an enhanced experience during your session, consider attending the lecture on Introduction to PSYCH-K® by Paula van der Werff. This lecture offers insights into the method, which can help you achieve greater results in your session.

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