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Mind, Body & Spirit Wellbeing Festival

Celebrating 20 Years of MBS Cyprus

St. Raphael Resort, Limassol
9th & 10th April 2022

 Terms & Conditions:

Please read carefully. If you submit this form, you automatically accept the MBS Terms & Conditions.

Deadline 1 for exhibitors – LAST applications accepted until 19th January 2022 at the latest if there is still available space ( = people who have reserved a table with us)

*The deadline is right after the Christmas holidays so we would advise you to apply for your presentation before the holidays in order to avoid any disappointment.

Deadline 2 for new presenters/non-exhibitors – LAST applications accepted until 1st February 2022 at the latest if there is still available space 

NO CHANGES are accepted after the 2nd February 2022



Lecture 50 minutes: €60  1 h 50 mins: €100 *

Yoga 50 minutes: €60   1 h 20 mins: €100
(Please note that yoga teachers need to have at least 5 years teaching experience in order to be selected to teach at the MBS)

* Please note that the first presentations will start at 12:00 noon on Saturday and 11:00 am Sunday- Doors open 30 mins before. The last presentations start at 19:00. You have the option to choose only one of the following time slot groups: starting between 11:00 – 15:00 or 16:00 – 19:00

*Payment must be completed 1 week after the application’s approval.

The price includes:

  • Your promotion through our Website’s Timetable
  • MBS Facebook Page standard promotion. For any extra cost for any special requests for your individual presentation, please request/ book your FB post by 1st September via email to
  • Your 500 character description of your presentation with your photo/logo printed in our Free MBS Magazine (approx. 6 000 printed issues) and in our online MBS Magazine.


If you arrange to have a presentation at the MBS Wellbeing Festival, we kindly inform you that it is restricted to present the same subject at any other event during the same weekend.

 Please avoid organizing or promoting events on the same dates with MBS festivals, workshops and other events if you are our participant.

Before Applying

Kindly fill in the below form. Please send your complete application with all the requested information and a complete description before the 1st of February 2022. An application will be accepted as complete and ready for consideration IF all the information requested in the form are submitted with full description and details +photo/logo. After approval, this info will be included in the MBS Magazine. 


Please select ONLY ONE Language. Title and description will feature in the magazine in your SELECTED language only. If you do send a translation in a second language, this will be added on the website.


* Please send us your CV/bio in a separate email at and a short paragraph explaining what, how and why do you think you can contribute to the MBS.

*Please avoid writing about you in the description of this form. The description box in this form needs to be strictly about the class you want to present, what it will include in order for the MBS team to make the correct selection.

*There is a 500 character limit for your description. The system will let you type only within the limit. Please do not send your description via email, only through the forms. Extra words sent via email will not be accepted.

* Please also note that presentations about products will pass under a more strict approval method.

* With the table booking, you have the option of a free presentation (50 min). Please note that this is subject to availability and approval of your presentation by the MBS Team.

* If you have a table and you would like to have a 110 min presentation (1h 50 mins) (subject to availability) you will be requested to pay €60 extra

*Please be sure about the info you insert, no corrections will be available after submission of this form.

After Applying

* Please note that your application is subject to availability of time/space/theme and approval by the MBS Team.

*Please note that you will receive an automatic email if the form is submitted correctly. Kindly check your email (and junk folder) and if you have not received the automatic email then this means we have not received anything from you. In this case, please complete the form again.

* Please have in mind that after your application, the MBS Team will contact you via email. Please check your email regularly.

*Please note that no bookings will be refunded if cancellations occur after the 20th October 2021. 


It is always nice having new and old participants included in our inspiring MBS Timetable creating a variety of classes and workshops to offer to visitors during the MBS Wellbeing Festivals! If you feel that you have something new to offer please feel free to contact us! We are always open to suggestions!

For additional questions and information which are not included above, please contact us only via email at:


In case you have any trouble with this form, then CLICK HERE to be transporter to our alternative form


Contact Details to go on your listing:

 I will not have a Table

Would you prefer to give a:

 Lecture (free attendance – 45 minutes long) Workshop (free attendance 1 hour 45 minutes long


 English Greek Russian Turkish

In the interest of a balanced programme and to present new and varied speakers we cannot guarantee to give you your preferred day and time, but we will try!

Day Preference:

 Saturday Sunday It doesn’t matter!

I can ONLY do:

 Saturday Sunday

Time Preference: Starting Between

 11am & 3 pm 4pm – 7pm It doesn’t matter!

Room Layout

 Theatre style No chairs Circle

Audio Visual Needs

 CD player Screen Flip chart Projector

Please Select A City

 Nicosia Limassol

If you are able – please send this info & your name in BOTH English & Greek*, please.



Please provide a good quality illustration or photograph to go with your listing and email it to us as a .jpg or .png file. If no photo is provides we will find something!

You will be informed of the day & time your presentation about 1 month before the exhibition.