Anva Goldberg

IMG_1737  In my early years, I experienced a lot of physical pain. I underwent difficult treatments in hospitals which resulted in being called a medical miracle.

  I chose to break away for fear of meeting the pain, I fainted easily from any blow, wound or pain as if I was consciously leaving my body to not meet with what I was dreading. For many years I felt that my body betrayed me and I didn’t trust it.

  Despite all these, I still chose to dance. When I grew up I was looking for ways of dancing to connect my body back to feeling as a part of me again. And so I met the belly dancers that began to give me a connection to the land in me, and from there I continued to a biographical dance that is a combination of Biodance and Anthroposophical wisdom. These studies instilled in me a lot of meaning and set me in a new way of loving and correct communication between soul, mind and body. In those four years of study, I joined a group of five women that went out to explore how to accompany one another through movement, and to this day we are on this healing journey.

From this and from the observation and curiosity of nature around us and its content, “natural movement” was born within us.


I received profound and clear information about how and what to follow so that I and each one would connect to the nature within us.

This newfound glory lives in me and renews my ways all the time. I called it the natural movement because that’s where I feel most at home, in my nature. And my deep desire is to meet through the body with the unique and authentic nature of each of us.


In the past two years, I’ve been guiding groups of women in Israel as a long-term process or in one-time groups and have also spread this knowledge to Europe and to mixed groups (for both men and women).

Moreover, I work as an artist with natural materials and have an art studio in Israel, where I currently reside with my partner – Netanel, our dog and a house full of cats.