Mind, Body & Spirit Cyprus is always striving in offering the best possible quality services for the greatest benefit of the mind, body and spirit in every and each one of us. Having always in mind the everyday needs that present day people have, the MBS Cyprus offers unique moments of escape from routine by organising travels in extraordinary destinations.

Another exceptional MBS Trip has been completed in April 2018 in Thailand, with the participation of Cyprus and Greece being accompanied by some of the finest yoga instructors. A trip that imprinted upon all of our hearts with traces of colour, memories, joyful moments filled with laughter, relaxation and calmness. An inimitable connection flourished between all the participants that travelled in “The Land of Smiles“.

Our fellow traveller and Yoga Instructor, Alice Achilleos, expresses the unique adventure that she experienced with the rest of the team.

This trip was “something different” compared to the usual ones, since every day, either before or after each excursion, was accompanied by a Yoga session. These sessions were offered by Konstantinos Karafoulides, who lives and works in Greece and is considered as one of the finest yoga instructors.  Everyone in the class, either with some sort of experience or not, could participate in those sessions. Depending on each one’s own level of experience, one could improve their techniques, declutter their minds and relax.  As a yoga instructor myself, I was able to advance my technique and learn new methods.

First stop was the capital, Bangkok. A city with hospitable and simple people. There, we visited three Buddhist temples: the Golden Buddha Temple, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha; and the Marble Temple.

We visited Bangkok’s most important sight – the Floating Market. There, visitors move using pirogues and can purchase affordable clothes and foods. We’ve also visited the Night Markets; where locals sell their merchandise. The boldest of us even tasted regional delicacies… grasshoppers, cockroaches and worms!

By means of an incredible boat ride, you can reach Thonburi; Thailand’s first capital city. Once there, you must visit the Royal Palace, which is consisted of a massive gathering of buildings and temples, built on an isle of the Chao Phraya river.

Next stop was the Koh Samui island. There you can visit numerous places such as the absurd natural rock formations of “Grandmother” and “Grandfather” or waterfalls and monuments. I was captivated by the idyllic landscape that combined enchanting beaches with palm trees, untamed seas and forests.

Being in Koh Samui one has an easy access to the neighbouring islands, such as Koh Phangan and Koh Tao where you can indulge in new experiences in exploring the islands, either by land or sea.

This bewitching trip in Thailand gave me the energy to wait for the next destination with the MBS in 2019.

Join us in flying and exploring for the next unique destination of the MBS!

Love to Live, Love to Travel.