4th June 2022
The 3rd MBS Outdoor Wellbeing Day

One more MBS Outdoor Wellbeing Day with even more Mind, Body & Spirit magic has been concluded!
Back in June 2021 when things were still uncertain, we compromised with the conditions that were in effect and have thus created the first MBS Outdoor event, with the magic of the MBS Wellbeing Festival.
Music, yoga, meditation and more have taken place in the beautiful outdoors area of the St. Raphael Resort, where it was concluded with love and light.
Since then, we have committed in bringing you this magical day as often possible!   

30th April 2022
Mysteries of Egypt | Travel

The MBS Travel Team has organised a unique journey to Egypt for all those of you who love to travel to explore the beautiful scenery of the Middle East and the turquoise waters of Egypt’s coastline.

15th January 2022
Dharma Yoga Masterclass Series: 5

Dharma Yoga Masterclass Series has been concluded after a series of 5 successful masterclasses!
MBS Cyprus in collaboration with Andry Sophocleous has composed this series of masterclasses inspired by Andry's beloved teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, in which each class consisted of 3 hours of Pranayama, Singing and Yoga Nidra as taught in the Dharma Yoga Lineage.

20th - 21st November 2021
MBS Wellbeing Festival | November 2021

We have celebrated nineteen years since the MBS Cyprus Wellbeing Festival's establishement where it has built and created a safe, comfortable environment where you can enter a stress-free zone, explore, commune and simply have fun!

5th June & 9th October 2021
The 1st & 2nd MBS Outdoor Wellbeing Day

After a period of a long pause, the first MBS Outdoor Wellbeing Day was created in the Summer of 2021, which was received with much appreciation and love, thus inspiring us to compose later in the year one more day of togetherness, unity and everything else that the MBS Wellbeing Festival is made of!

14th - 16th May 2021
MBS Wellbeing Gathering Retreat #2

Another 48-hour Wellbeing Retreat to enjoy Yoga, Dance, Music, Meditation, Mindfulness, Qigong, Nature, sound Healing, Conscious Walking and more.
An escape from your everyday life in a beautiful and peaceful location of Tochni village.

7th March – 6th June 2020
Advanced 300h Yoga Teacher Training

The Himalayan Yoga School Shobhana Yog Sadan offered a 300-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Cyprus. Serious Yoga practitioners had the opportunity to learn more about yoga philosophy, anatomy, advanced asanas, and much more yogic essentials.

15th January 2022
Dharma Yoga Masterclass Series: 1

Dharma Yoga Masterclass Series has began in collaboration with Andry Sophocleous of Dharma Yoga Cyprus.

9th November 2019
'TRUTH of NOW' - Healing Ceremony

While at the MBS Wellbeing Festival, two intuitive musicians invited us to engage with the flow of the moment and drift on that path into an inner journey. Netanel and Mitsch opened up a space for a deep inner connection and true expression for all there is. The participants were guided by intuitive music, sounds and words into their inner world, and were inspired to give space to all impulses that occured.

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