Marilena Angelides
Marilena AngelidesOrganizer
Marilena has always loved the MBS Expo and has participated as an exhibitor as well as contributed her expertise in media and PR to promote previous exhibitions. She always knew that she would be more involved and now brings her considerable skills and experience in exhibition organization to the event. She describes herself as a “People-person” and enjoys doing research, practicing yoga, organic gardening, healthy cooking . baking and travelling.
Francsesca Pinoni
Francsesca PinoniCo-Founder
Francesca Pinoni is a qualified yoga teacher and has studied various natural healing modalities including Reiki (Usui & Karuka Master), magnetotherapy, and biofeedback/bioresonance and Puruvian Shamanism. Her hobbies include dancing, music (Frame drum & djembe), art (painting, pastel & mosaics), poetry and travelling.
Eleni Constantinou
Eleni ConstantinouMBS Creative, Accounts
Eleni was born in Cyprus and lives in Nicosia. She is a Graphic designer and with her experience contributes to the creative work of the MBS (FB designs, on site signs, website and many more) She loves to learn and follows alternative ways of living and from her involvement in the festival she had the chance to change her way of thinking.
Aphrodite Vassiliou
Aphrodite VassiliouAdministrative Coordinator
Aphrodite has always loved the MBS! Started by visiting to practice yoga, continued by volunteering and now she is passionately working at the MBS as part of the Team! Loves yoga, meditation, nature, the sea and animals! Teaches yoga and organizes monthly Women’s Circles. She is also into energy healing and believes that there is a connection between human beings and what is above and MBS is the ideal place for someone to find her/his path towards their true self and higher purpose!
Vicky Solomonidou
Vicky SolomonidouMarketing
Vicky is born and raised in Cyprus, is a professional media planner and based on her experience she took over the part of the marketing, promotion and advertising of the MBS festival and its facebook page. She is a big fan of natural health and organic products and fell in love with the festival and its purpose. She is very energetic with a positive vibe and loves sports, reading and travelling.