Eternal Light- Reiki healings by Melina Demetriou

I’m Negar*, a Human Design Guide and Intuitive Reader helping you to understand your unique energetic blueprint through analyzing your “Body-Graph” so that you can feel empowered as your authentic self, master your unique energy, and learn how to call in your true self and fulfil your purpose with more ease and flow.

Have you ever asked yourself what I came here to do? This is the very first step towards the personal awakening. Human Design is an excellent practical tool to decondition yourself and get to the core essence of who you are and peel back all those layers.

It is a code of applying in your daily life, making decisions, and have clarity about what and how you think and feel.

"In the moment that you can truly embrace Uniqueness you are Divine" RA URU HU - Human Design System's founder and messenger.

*A feminine given name of Persian origin meaning “Sweetheart, idol or beloved”.

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