Copy of Layla

Layla Edward

Layla Edward was born in Iraq, raised in Lebanon, studied in U.S.A., and lives most of the year in Venezuela.  From the beginning of her life until now, she has always been a traveler.

Layla is breathworker, psychotherapist, personal and business coach, rebirther and inter’l trainer, birth coach, dancer.  NLP practitioner, acupuncturist, graduated in traditional Chinese medicine in Venezuela.

She is also specialized in neurobics and nutrition, creating exquisite recipes for cellular cleansing.

Through her work Layla helps expand human potential, creating conditions for her clients and students to develop their consciousness.

Practical experience has shown her that by integrating the past and living in the present moment an internal state of peace and self-satisfaction can be reached, which is fundamental in recuperating the capacity of joy!

Layla integrates her love for nature and her freedom of movement in all her activities.

She has earned the title “Master of Joy” from her students, teachers, friends and family.