Mind Expanding Tales for Well-being

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Mind Expanding Tales for Well-being

Mind Expanding Tales for Well-being

ATRIUM A - Sunday 
16:00-16:50  |  Walid Khabbaze  |  English 
W: mindx.live  |  FB: @mindx.live  |  T: 99470045
Mind Expanding Tales for Well-being     In this talk, Walid will share some meaningful speeches to inspire his audience to live a more mindful life, to be more aware and to not let our thoughts define who we truly are. Walid will share stories and insights about mindful encounters, power of thought, meaning & emotions, the purpose of having a purpose, the most important questions to ponder, a famous artist's search within, living in the present vs looking to the future; as well as experiences of life happening 'for' us!
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